Co-founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) of Entalpic
Entalpic, AI & Chemistry Team
May 2024 - Present

  • AI-driven startup for catalyst discovery, aiming to opimize carbon-intensive industry.

Applied Scientist Intern
Amazon, AGI Foundations team
Dec. 2023 - April 2024

  • Augment LLMs with action APIs usage.

Visiting researcher
Mila, with David Rolnick and Yoshua Bengio
Feb. 2022 - 2023

  • Designed scalable and expressive symmetry-preserving GNNs to predict the relaxed adsorption energy of a catalyst-adsorbate system. Combine it with a generative method (e.g. GFlowNet) for catalyst discovery.

Research intern
Inria Saclay, with Fragkiskos Malliaros
June - Dec. 2020

  • Proposed a unified view of existing GNN explainability methods along with a new explainer.
  • Investigated graph representation learning, explainability and fusion of protein-protein interaction nets.

Student Researcher
Naver Labs Europe, with Matthias Gallé
March - June 2020

  • Worked on controlled and contextualised text generation for novel authors. Open-source writing assistant.